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Fly Fishing Schools
Trout and Steelhead Fly Fishing Schools

Contact us if you're interested in any of our Fly-Fishing Schools for Trout and Steelhead.

Hawkins Outfitters is committed to increasing the skill and knowledge of fly anglers by offering fly- fishing schools that no one else has. Rather than compete with both shops and clubs that have great basic casting classes, Hawkins Outfitters has schools that teach you how to fish. Our schools are designed to take anglers that already have a basic knowledge of fly casting and teach them how to cast and fish like an expert.

How many times have you stood in a local stream and couldn't catch fish rising around you? Seen a rising fish that you couldn't reach or get a dead drift over? Had bonefish within casting range but the wind gave you problems? These are the problems Hawkins Outfitters will help you solve.

If you want to try saltwater fishing or are going to any of the exotic places around the world that anglers always dream of visiting, you need to be able to deliver a fly accurately at least 75 feet. If you can't we can teach you. Make a commitment to become a better, more skilled angler in 2013. Come join us at one of our fly-fishing schools that will help you become a better angler!

Taught on local rivers like the Pere Marquette and Manistee. Check with us about which rivers a specific Fly-Fishing School will utilize.

streamer school
mad pup streamer

Trout Streamer School

April 18th, 2015

Location: Upper Manistee

One day school taught by Chuck Hawkins and Jon Ray. This class will cover casting sinking lines, fly selection and animation of the fly for trophy trout. Hunting trout with streamers has been a passion for the Hawkins Outfitters crew. From Russ Maddin's Circus Peanut, Mad Pup, and South Bound Trucker, to Chuck Hawkins Nutcracker. We love to chase brown trout with oversized fly creations. Come learn some of the secrets of fishing streamers here in Michigan. $250/person




Advanced Fly Fishing

May 16 &17 2015

The Advanced School is designed to evaluate your current skills and then spend the two days teaching you the skills needed to reach the next level. Hauling, double hauling and the reach cast are always tops on the agenda. Accuracy and distance are addressed.

The school is conducted at the Hawkins Riverhouse on the Upper Manistee. The cost is $700 for two nights of food and lodging and the two day school. If you choose not to stay at the house the cost is $500. The school is limited to 4 participants.

advanced school

School of Dries

May 30th, 2015

Anyone interested in expanding their approach to fishing dry flies and matching the hatch? Join Hawkins Outfitters this summer and learn how to expand your dry fly fishing opportunities for trout on Michigan streams. This class will cover everything from basic entomology to fly selection to fly presentation. We will discuss rigging, reading water, hatch timing, bug collection and the power of observation! Trout feeding behavior is also very important to us as anglers and we will cover the different feeding behaviors and help students to interpret the how, where, and what the fish are doing. The importance of entomology in dry fly fishing is equally important and we will help students to identify some of the most important hatches in our area such as Sulphurs, Isonychia, Brown Drakes, Mahoganies, and Baetiscidae. We will also work with students on basic and advanced casting techniques to present your flies in any situation! The class will be taught on the Upper Manistee River. The cost of the school is $250 per person. Contact us via the web or email if you have any questions.

"Thank you for a very enjoyable, informative Dry Fly School. I got exactly what I wanted out of the instruction. I can't think of one change that would benefit anyone attending this school.
I have made notes of fly selection. I have a better understanding of bug identification. Especially helpful was casting instruction and hook setting.
Your advice also confirmed my preference for a 5 wt rod for this type of fishing.
Thanks again for your relaxed, effective style of instruction that provided a quality experience."
Best Regards

dry fly school

dry fly school

carp school

Carp/Smallmouth on the flats school

June 13h, 2015

Location: Grand Traverse Bay

Join Hawkins Outfitters for a day on Grand Traverse Bay expanding your knowledge of freshwater flats fishing. The school will cover lines, presentation techniques, flies, reading water and other helpful hints. It will be part classroom and then applying this knowledge out on the water for a flats hunt for Golden Bones (carp) and smallies. We love the sight fishing game here at Hawkins Outfitters; so come join the hunt on the crystal clear flats of Grand Traverse Bay for some fun in the sun! Cost is $250 per person

steelhead school
steelhead school

Fall Steelhead Fly Fishing School

November 28th, 2015

Hawkins Outfitters is once again offering a fall steelhead school. This year however we will be breaking up the school into two schools Day one Nov 29th will focus on indicator fishing, steelhead behavior, differences between Fall, Winter and Spring Steelhead. Teaching students the ins and outs of these different techniques using single handed, switch, and two-handed rods.  We will spend part of the day floating the river and explore the various methods at our disposal to pursue the mysterious silver bullets of Michigan Rivers.  We will help students break down the river and teach you how to find fish throughout the different seasons.  In addition we will teach anglers about rigging, holding lies, fly selection, and the difference between moving vs. holding fish.  All of this information will help the student to break down some of the secrets to catching our Great Lakes Steeelhead. The cost is $250 for the day course. Please contact Jon Ray if you have any questions, use the web.



Steelhead Streamer School

November 29th, 2015

One day school taught by Jon Ray and Ed McCoy. This school will be all about swinging flies or Spey fishing for steelhead. Rod and line selection, patterns and holding lies will be covered. Streamers for steelhead is one of the fastest growing sections of fly-fishing for steelhead. Beginners to Advanced are welcome. Learn the basics casts and techniques that makes this one of the most enjoyable ways to hunt for steelhead. $250/person

spey school
steelhead school
Custom Schools

Hawkins Outfitters can tailor make a school to fit your group or company needs. In the past we have designed schools and seminars on beginning and advanced fly fishing, fly tying, steelhead fishing, night fishing, dry, streamer and nymph fishing.

Contact us and we will custom design a school especially for you.

Fly-Fishing Schools
We love teaching kids!