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Other Step-by-Step Patterns to try:

Black Stone Fly Pattern

STEP-BY-STEP of the "Ice Age Stone"

Black Stone Fly

Ice Age Stone Material List

  • Daiichi 1730 Size 10
  • Black Thread 6/0
  • Brown Turkey Biots
  • Turkey Feather
  • Copper Wire (small)
  • Black UV Ice Dub
  • Hen Hackle Feather
  • Black Crystal Chenille
Black Stone Fly Pattern Black Stone Fly
Step 1:Insert Daiichi 1730
Step 2: Tie down a turkey feather, for the shell back
Black Stone Fly Pattern
Black Stone Fly Pattern
Step 3: Dub a small amount of Black UV Ice Dubbing
Step 4: Secure your Turkey Biots on each side of the Black UV Ice Dubbing
Black Stone Fly Pattern
Black Stone Fly
Step 5: Tie down your copper wire, and dub forward a underbody of Black UV Ice Dub
Step 6:Lay down the Turkey Quill Feather, secure with thread and then wrap your copper wire forward
Black Stone Fly
Salmon Streamer
Step 7: Tie down another Turkey Quill Feather segment, for the thorax casing
Step 8: Tie down your Hen Hackle feather
Little Black Stone
Black Stone Fly
Step 9:Tie in your Crystal Chenille
Step 10: Wrap Chenille forward, lay the Hen Hackle down and secure to hook
Black Stone Fly
Salmon Streamer Fishing
Step 10: A top view of step 9
Step 11: Pull Turkey Quil Feather forward and tie down just behind the eye of the hook

Black Stone Fly

A view from the top of the Finished "Ice Age Stone"