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Helpful Articles for Manistee River Steelhead Fishing:

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Manistee River Below Tippy Fishing Report

Open Fall Steelhead Dates:

Jon Ray - December 1,4, 8-10

Ed McCoy - November 20, 21, 22, 23, 25

Oct 29th, 2014


Wayne A. dialing in the two-handed rod scores

Looking on the bright of side of things for a change, a positive note in this years steelhead season is angling pressure in certain parts of the river is really dropping off. Today getting back to the boat ramp, I was the only truck in the parking lot. Reminds me of winter fishing almost.

With less anglers that means more prime lies to fish and truly hunt the fish that are here. One great way to cover a vast amount of water is with a streamer, and with temps perfect, water clarity perfect, and fish attitude again perfect the next month is one of my personal favorite months to swing flies.

Seems like bait fish type patterns or colors are working the best currently with a slight stain to the water, colors like yellow, green, and orange are all working individually and blended together. Soon any color will work as long as it's black. But in the mean time, it's fun to play with the 64 crayon set and mix up colors to match sunlight and water color.

If you head low you can fish big flies, but if your headed high look for the educated ones that have been to the show to be a little more picky. This goes true if your throwing streamers or drifting nymphs with eggs. With a serious cold front headed our way this weekend, dress warm and bring the heat packs. As mother nature is shifting gears.

Jon Ray.


Manistee River Tippy Area Map