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Manistee River Below Tippy Fishing Report

Open Fall Steelhead Dates:

Jon Ray - November 3rd - December 1,4,7-10

Ed McCoy - November 20, 21, 22, 23, 25

Oct 23rd, 2014


John braving the morning chill to fight some chrome

Bright blue skies dominate the past couple days and seem to be a common theme for the next couple days. With one of our first hard frost's of the season, with morning temps in the lower 20's was time to break out the hand warms and big boy gloves for the first time.

With this amazing fall weather we are experience once the sun gets high, you better downsize your program, and be ready to make each as count. Fish continue to be bigger than average with some really nice middle teeners testing our tippet to it's max.

With so many leaves falling from the trees the streamer bite has been slow to start but this should really change over the next couple days, as water temps are dropping and fish will start to drop out of the bigger faster gravel runs into the many jog jams the Big Manistee has to offer. Great place to swing a egg-sucker and or goby pattern.

Jon Ray

Next couple day's weather


Manistee River Tippy Area Map